Soup for Soup Weather


The weather ugliness has us not only looking to hot boozy drinks to stay warm but also to that more prudent source of culinary warmth: soup. Today, I found warmth and happiness in the butternut squash soup from Brooklyn’s General Greene.

At $7, the soup’s pricier than most of their breakfast/lunch sandwich offerings, which start at just $3, but it was pretty worth it on such a beautiful day. Hell, if you shaved a dollar or two off, I’d say it classifies as one of our “Worth Every Penny” items.

It’s nice to be able to get a soup of this caliber in a casual setting; during the week, the General Greene operates as an order-at-the counter Wifi cafe until the dinner hour. Despite the daily laptop crowd, the soup isn’t ladled from some sketchy, gunky warmer and slapped into a bowl with a side of stale bread. The just-creamy-enough butternut squash puree comes topped with a spiced creme fraiche that adds a nice cinnamon touch, atop that there are toasted pumpkin seeds, and then some julienned red apples that give  great color. Nice enough price, nice presentation, nice taste, great warmth.

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