This Week in Booze


A new product, the iBreath, turns your iPod into a breathalyzer test. It’s just $79 for that friend/family member who already has every other silly Apple accessory. [LA Times]

Following an agreement with the Illinois Attorney General, MillerCoors will reformulate the alcoholic energy drink Sparks and cease production on all caffeinated alcohol beverages. Luckily, the cool kids switched to PBR long ago. [Gawker]

Author Iain Gately gave a brief history of classical hangover cures. [Proof/NYTimes]

The blogs were atwitter over an as yet unnamed new speakeasy events space at Broadway and Bleecker. Mixologists claimed it was a private events space not the newest Milk & Honey. [Boozy NYC]

The Bloody Mary is experiencing a resurgence, ditching the bottled tomato juice in favor of fresh, seasonal ingredients. [Arrive via Well/NYTimes]

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