New York

What’s Happening To New York?


I must have been crazy to have bitched and moaned all those years about how New York had gotten too glitzy and soulless, a place of restaurants and clubs overflowing with rich people with no class but lots of cash. At least it was prosperous! Looking back on the abundance of dough and people willing to throw it away on bottles of vodka and side dishes with creme fraiche, it now seems like an upbeat time of bounty and success. New York was hot–a Wild West situation where you could open your doors to any establishment and find throngs of trust fund babies willing to fill it up with their platinum credit cards (which weren’t even maxed out!)

Now, I see failure starting to pop up all around me. I see stores closed, prices slashed, and lots of available tables. I see dour looks and flop sweat, and it’s painful to observe. The soul may be coming back to town, but at what price? I want the success back! I want a return to the Sex and the City days of guilt-free designer shopping, carefree downing of the Cosmo du jour, and ritualized worshiping of socialites. In retrospect, that all appealed to my superficial desire for New York to be a glittering boom town that never sleeps. Now, we never sleep, but only because we’re so worried! Can we get the old rah-rah feeling back–and still find room for a soul?

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