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Gun Dealer Wins His Case; Bloomberg’s Goin’ to Georgia


This summer, we wrote a story about Jay Wallace, the irascible Georgia gun dealer from Georgia who was sued by Mayor Bloomberg — who argued that too many guns from his store made their way to New York and were used in violent crimes.

Calling it a David and Goliath battle against a “billionaire bully,” Jay Wallace owner of Adventure Outdoors, one of the largest independently-owned gun dealerships in Georgia, came up to New York to fight the case. He rented an apartment in Brooklyn and we followed him around town.

Now Jay Wallace is mighty happy. Since the case began, he’s been trying to get the districting reversed so that the case can be tried in Georgia, instead of in New York Supreme Court. And Friday, he found out he won — The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals (Alabama, Georgia, and Florida) just decided that Bloomberg and his team have to try the gun case in “the state court from which it was removed.”

“If I’m man enough to go face my fears in New York, then he’s got to go down and face his fears in Georgia,” says Wallace gleefully.


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