Xcellent Xmas Present for Foodies


Trudging home in the driving sleet of yesterday, I saw a store that had popped up on 8th Street without much fanfare, maybe one of those Chrismas stores that have become common in Manhattan. They appear a couple of weeks before the holiday, and disappear a day or two after.

AC Gears was filled with things I instantly felt attracted to. All of the merchandise seemed to come from Japan, and was of a playful and technical sort. There was an electric strip shaped like a human being, with power cords for arms and legs, an insect robot that responded to loud noises, a shitload of odd accessories for I-pods — you get the idea.

I’m a big fan of thumb drives and instantly fixed on the thumb drive glass case. For something you carry around in your pocket (or on a string around your neck) all the time, why did these devices have to be so cheerless and functional?

There in the middle was one that looked like a piece of tuna sushi, with a molded red piece of fish on top and a fairly realistic lozenge of rice underneath. I snapped it up immediately, but I still don’t know which foodie friend I’m giving it to. 69 East 8th Street, 212-260-2269

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