A Message From Shirtless Dance Singer Ari Gold


Ari Gold–who had Logo’s number one video of the year–has spoken. And it’s about his new video, “Human,” directed by sex god Aaron Cobbett.

Gold sent me the clip for the song (a cover of the old Human League hit) and he generously included his intricate explanation of it. Says he: “I’m bringing the ‘fairy’ back into the ‘fairy tale.’ But instead of Narcissus drowning in his own image, he makes cool art with it. Since gay people are always being called narcissistic, I figured this gives the tale a less morbid ending…more Milk than Brokeback Mountain. Oh wait, Harvey Milk died too. Oh well. At least I don’t die at the end of my video.

“It’s also Little Red Riding Hood meets E.T. and somehow it all ends up being about our humanity, which in this day of being denied our rights, seems important, dontcha think?”

I don’t know, I wasn’t listening. I was too busy staring at my own image.

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