Adventures in Press Releases: ‘Flavor Forecast 2009’


Every now and then I get a press release so entertaining that I feel I should share. Listicles are breeding fast and furious right now, because everyone likes to use the end of the year as an excuse to list predictions. The publicists at McCormick are no exception. They sent me their dramatically titled “Flavor Forecast 2009.” It even came with a CD! Serious business! Honestly, the list is so wacky and obviously invented that I give them credit. It’s almost like they were high while writing it…

“Welcome to tomorrow’s flavors,” chirps the booklet. We are about to experience the “10 emerging flavor combinations poised to transform and inspire America’s menus.” Alrighty then, are you ready?

  1. Toasted sesame and root beer
  2. Cayenne and tart cherry
  3. Tarragon and beetroot [Um, you mean beet, yes? Sounds cooler that way though!]
  4. Peppercorn mélange and sake [Ooooh, a mélange!]
  5. Chinese five spice and artisan-cured pork
  6. Dill and avocado oil
  7. Rosemary and fruit preserves
  8. Garam masala and pepitas [Seriously? How could this random combo be a trend?]
  9. Mint and quinoa
  10. smoked paprika and agave nectar



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