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Hillary Forgives Own Loan, Still Owes $6.4 Million


Hillary Clinton for President was about $20 million in debt, and her and Bill’s and Chelsea’s and America‘s emails to former supporters weren’t getting it paid. So Hillary swallowed hard and forgave her campaign $13,175,000 of her money. Such are the humorous vagaries of political accounting; but her former chief strategist Mark Penn is not laughing. Out of $6.4 million in outstanding debt , the campaign owes Penn $5.3 million for the sterling job he did leading Clinton from first place all the way to second, for which he was rewarded by being allowed to take the last few months of the campaign off. Penn is less likely to forgive this debt, and Clinton will soon be precluded by her State job from soliciting funds, so Hillary Clinton for President will have to do more fundraising without her. Maybe they can lean of some of her influential, longtime local supporters, like Charlie Rangel. Wow — we thought this election had no more joys to give us.



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