I’m On PBS With Edie Beale


Grey Gardens was the recent Tony-winning Broadway musical based on the 1975 Maysles brothers’ documentary about the eccentric mother-and-daughter duo the Beales, who wore turbans, ate cat food, yelled a lot, and pretty much loved each other in between emotionally wrestling each other to the ground. In dilapidated grandeur, they rose out of their squalor via creativity, entertainment, and intergenerational bonding techniques that have yet to be surpassed by the Judds or even the Lohans.

So it’s perfectly fitting that the musical should spawn a documentary in return. It’s called Grey Gardens: From East Hampton To Broadway and it’s hitting PBS tomorrow night, December 23 at 10 PM, on their “Independent Lens” series, hosted by Oscar nominee Terrence Howard. And one of the commentators in the doc is little old me, who loved the original documentary and the show–as well as THIS movie–though I don’t want the Beale mania to end right here. I feel the logical next step would be a musical based on the documentary about the musical based on the documentary. Broadway, are you self-reflexive enough?

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