Lou Reed Says He’ll Release Live LA Recording Online, This Week-ish


photo by Franck Goldberg, borrowed from Impose

Last week when Lou Reed read from his new book Pass Thru Fire: the Collected Lyrics at HousingWorks, during the mostly-dumb-audience-question-and-look-he’s-actually-answering period, the punk-rock curmudgeon gave out a press releases’ worth of “news.” Prompted by the crowd query: “Are you going to release a CD of the Le Poisson Rouge show?” (referring to this one in September with John Zorn), Reed said no, but that instead he’d planned to post material on his web site within the next week from two fall LA shows–a pair venturing into “deep acoustic space” with Ulrich Krieger at the Redcat. “I can vouch for the sound [there], so you know what you’re getting from me,” he said. “If there was any response to” the download, he added, there’d be a CD version of it put out in the New Year called Creation of the Universe Part 1 and Part 2. “Modest,” he noted. And then yelled “Fuck You!” and stormed out–just kidding!

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