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Paterson, 2 Reps Visit Troops, Discuss Pizza, Politics


We take it as a bit of editorial mischief that the Daily News headlines its story about Governor Paterson’s and local Reps Steve Israel’s and Anthony Weiner’s visit to Iraq, “Governor Paterson makes first trip to Iraq to spread holiday cheer.” Bob Hope and Joey Heatherton, these guys are not; plus, we are assured by our rightblogger friends that all servicemembers hate Democrats. Still, Newsday gamely reports that the troops talked to Israel, telling him “the war is finally winding down,” and also discussing with him “pizza, bagels and Long Island diners,” while the Times says Paterson reports “Five of six [servicemembers] asked me who the new senator is.” So it sounds like a pleasant trip for him at least. Of course, anything that takes him out of Albany he must count as a blessing these days.



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