Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Stephen Colbert’s “Another Christmas Song”


Last week’s prediction: “Cop Killer”

So yeah, there’s something delightful about Stephen Colbert giving himself some laughs here–respect to guys who have ideas. One minute there was no A Colbert Christmas, and the next there was. People who get mad at things for existing need to go outside more.

Plus, as I guess is always the case with Colbert, I really do like the meta-joke here–Christmas songs are easy, easy enough to knock out with a handful of studio musicians and a half decent writer in probably two or three afternoons, total. There will come a time where Colbert forgets he even did this, and at that time tons of people will still own copies of this CD.

Or will own the iTunes version, anyway. This is where things get a tiny bit not that funny. Three weeks ago Colbert was launching a stunt to get this record to number one on iTunes, and now iTunes is giving away for free the song on the record that name-checks the online store: “Forgive us for being overly, well, jazzed about Stephen Colbert’s ‘Another Christmas Song’–the iTunes Store does get a mention in it, after all.”

Forgive my slightly glazed amazement at whatever elegant shape of post-synergy this chain of events has now formed.

Next week’s prediction: “Auld Lang Syne”

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