Atlantic Yards Foes Say Nets Not Much of a Draw


These aren’t great days for the Atlantic Yards project. Earlier this month Forest City Ratner stopped work at the Vanderbilt Railyards, though it’s way behind schedule, and Atlantic Yards architect Frank Gehry let go a bunch of workers who were on the case.

Now critics are saying that the Nets, the Jersey NBA franchise whose planned removal to Atlantic Yards is supposed to be a great boon to the area, may not be drawing so well. Atlantic Yards Report says that, despite reported attendance of 81.6 percent of capacity at Monday’s game at the Izod Center, photos suggest the headcount was lower. Later AYR learned that the Nets are dumping 100,000 tickets via discount service Saveology.

Ticketed events aren’t doing so hot in New York these days and NBA attendance is flat. How well might we expect the Nets to draw in recession-era Brooklyn?


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