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Hanukkah Fun Continues


Continuing our Hanukkah coverage: Last night Mayor Bloomberg lit the biggest freakin’ menorah in the entire world — 4,000 pounds and 32 feet high with “specially designed glass chimneys” to protect the candles’ flames. Unlike the pagan festival with music industry stars that accompanies the lighting of the Rock Center tree, last night’s event near the Plaza was more contemplative, dedicated to Mumbai victims Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg, and attended by the rabbi’s father. A presumably more festive menorah-lighting was held Sunday on plucky little Roosevelt Island, with “Hot Lotkes, Hot Drinks, Dreidel’s and Chanukah Gelt and Gifts for everyone.” Hannukah fun continues on what we Christianists call Christmas Day, with the Eldridge Street Museum offering Klez for Kids with “an audience-enacted shtetl wedding” and, if tradition holds, dinner in Chinatown afterwards.



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