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Is It All Over For Nicole Kidman? | Village Voice


Is It All Over For Nicole Kidman?


Nicole Kidman recently told the press that her role in Australia may be her last. As one anonymous gossip-board poster put it, “Funny, the box office has been saying the very same thing!” And the reality is that not only is Nicole at an age when Hollywood generally treats women like used Kleenex, but her adventurous and diverse choices have tended to quicken her unfortunate journey into the box office toilet bowl.

Lord knows the woman has tried. Diane Keaton once said that she wishes she’d made the brave career moves Nicole made after winning her Oscar. And yet, those very moves are what have sunk Nicole’s value lower than Washington Mutual’s. The films may have sounded good on paper, but for the most part they ate it on celluloid! After her triumph in The Hours, she tried everything from high-concept remakes that turned out to be overblown bores (Bewitched, Stepford Wives), art films that wore out their welcome after 30 minutes (Dogville, Fur), weird Narnia wannabes (The Golden Compass), and now this can’t-miss reteaming with Baz Luhrmann which somehow missed (despite a certain gorgeousness in its look and spunk)!

I happen to think Nicole’s a fabulous movie star. And to be fair, she did well as the voice of a sexy penguin in Happy Feet. But when Hollywood starts giving women the cold shoulder, they always seem to suddenly want to spend more time with their families.

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