Monserrate’s Girl Relents; Malcolm Smith’s Aide Tries to Fix Things


Karla Giraldo told hospital workers that her boyfriend, incoming state senator Hiram Monserrate, attacked her, and that’s how she got that gnarly cut on her face that they were putting 20 stitches in. But “when the cuffs came out, her story changed,” a cop tells the Daily News. Giraldo’s declining to press charges, though the Queens D.A. could still pursue its felony case against Monserrate. Giraldo also gives an alternate description of the mysterious contents of her purse that prompted the former cop’s bloody rampage: it was not drugs, as in Monserrate’s pals’ version, but a PBA card she’d received from another man. It is now speculated that Monserrate left the state senate “Gang of Four” not because he got a deal, but because the other three felt he was lowering their tone.

The Post adds that, at the time of Monserrate’s arrest, a man named Mortimer Lawrence showed up at the stationhouse. He’s chief of staff to state senate maybe-leader Malcolm Smith, and also happens to be a former Queens Assistant D.A. Smith says he didn’t send the guy, and no one on God’s green earth believes him.