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Our Favorite Diddy “I Am King” Contest Entrant


As you may know, Sean Combs is peddling a new fragrance called I Am King, and has also debuted a website to promote it, where you will find details of a contest: submit a video explaining “how you are making moves like a king,” and if yours is one of the three videos selected, you will be “flown to New York to be treated like royalty and experience the luxurious lifestyle.” Current submissions are at a YouTube group, where you can see several kinds of endearing self-promotion; we like this guy, Bayo, who’s moving several projects including a book called “The Hip-Hop-Driven Life.” But we really hope Diddy will consider Paul Corry, shown above, for his poetry (“A spray of the scent brings me up/A Prince, better yet a King/A King, here I come/I don’t hum/when I come/I am King”) as much as for his astonishing shirt.


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