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Rightbloggers on Shirtless Obama: He’s No Reagan!


Some pictures have surfaced of Obama on vacation with his shirt off. Normal people have some fun with it. From rightbloggers, of course, the only possible response is incoherent rage. Jules Crittenden compares topless Obama to topless Vladimir Putin, then hits us with an unflattering shot of Ronald Reagan at the beach and cries, “Memo to Putin and Obama: here’s a paunchy old guy to show you it has more to do with what’s in your spine.” Fitness is for pussies! “I have no doubt that some of the females in the MSM are oohing and ahhing like they’ve already done over Obama,” says Sister Toldjah. “Some are swooning, but not the Russians,” says Fausta’s Blog. While Obama cavorts, the Bear girds for war! Worst Not-Yet-Inaugurated President ever!

“Michelle was spotted wearing a sensible one-piece. Thank Goodness,” comments RightPundits, lapping the class derby. Wait, here’s a late entry from Chickenhawk Express: “No memorial service yet for his ‘beloved’ grandmother who died almost 2 months ago but priorities are priorities… BO is staying at a $9 mil home in Hawaii. Where is the outrage?” Ladies and gentlemen, we have a tie.

If they ever get a look at his cock, they’ll really flip.


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