Staten Island, Epicenter of Terror


The Staten Island Advance tells us that Javed Iqbal of Mariner’s Harbor had been using his backyard full of satellite dishes to help local traitors receive broadcasts from Al Manar, a Lebanon-based TV station backed by Hamas. Hamas is officially considered a terrorist organization by the U.S. That means Iqbal was “providing material aid to a terrorist organization,” to which federal charge he pled guilty today, and for which he will be sentenced in March to up to six and a half years in prison. Who knows how many Staten Island children have, thanks to Iqbal, been indoctrinated into jihad by Farfour the Islamic Mouse? (We know “Tomorrow’s Pioneers” was an Al Aqsa show, but we understand Al Manar got it via a syndication deal.) Could this be why Staten Island wants to secede — to join Palestine? Let’s send those black helicopters across the Bay and take care of business!


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