New York

Subway Fare Going Up To As Much As $3


We’ve been hearing about it for weeks, but seeing it in black and white and bureaucratic language brings it painfully closer to reality: the MTA says that the upcoming fare hikes will “increase subway, local bus and SIR base fare to as much as $3 for cash fare on buses, single-ride ticket and/or Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard.” “As much as” can almost certainly be left out, as the MTA’s budget is so fucked, no one believes they’ll leave any (of your) money on the table. So expect to pay $9.50 for a 1-day card, $32 for a 7-day card, $60 for a 14-day card and $105 for a 30-day card.

Nearly everything’s going up: They’ll also charge as much as seven dollars each way to cross bridges, which really has the Staten Island Advance upset; get rid of student discounts on express buses, and change the hours on the senior citizen discount on some bus routes; hike LIRR fares (don’t snort, you’ll want to go to the beach again someday), etc.

Oh, and those reductions in train service we mentioned are all still on, too, as well as a bunch of reduced and eliminated bus service. There will be hearings — the next is at the New York Hotel, January 14 at 6 p.m.; bring a police whistle and tweet your head off, for all the good it will do.


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