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The Armstrong Comeback: Lance’s Twitter


Lance Armstrong, like many top athletes, has long had a contentious and generally uncomfortable relationship with the press. He seemed to give interviews reluctantly, and he even had a way of looking put out when he was talking to the fawning folks at OLN/Versus, the network that broadcasts the Tour in the US.

It was easy to conclude that Armstrong was arrogant (and many did), but you could also see how the guy might get worn down by the reporters who made a living hounding him.

In France, publications must have considered it some kind of Pulitzer Prize to publish the most incendiary story about the man in the week leading up to his next start at the Tour de France. No wonder Armstrong didn’t look like he was having fun at press conferences.

So it’s not hard to see why Armstrong would fall in love with Twitter. In tiny soundbites, the guy can post what he’s up to and what he thinks to thousands of adoring fans, with no intermediary of any kind.

In recent days, via the cyclist’s mini-dispatches, we’ve learned that he got a haircut, ate him some great salsa, prefers Macs to PCs, enjoyed seeing the New York Times get pranked by a fake letter-to-the-editor writer, and has been trying out new saddles on his bike.

He’s even responding to commenters, which makes you wonder how he’s got the time. Doesn’t he have a girlfriend these days?


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