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When Will The Obama Honeymoon Period End?


Up to now, the press has been shamelessly enraptured with everything Barack Obama says and does–he’s been appointed our emblem of change and all our hopes are devotedly pinned on his feisty ass. But under scrutiny, cracks in Barack’s armor have already started showing. There were grumblings about some of his Cabinet choices, and one especially wondered how he went from bashing Hillary Clinton when they were bitterly campaigning against each other to deciding she was his top choice for Secretary of State. Much more damagingly, he invited rabidly anti-gay pastor Rick Warren to deliver the inaugural invocation, as we started sensing we had been totally bamboozled by Obama’s soothing streams of yay-gay talk. Is he that desperate to be embraced by the evangelical right that he dropped his plan to show the country that equal rights for all is the only just way to go? Will he become as corrupt and conflicted as almost every other White House occupant before him in his grandiose attempt to be loved by all, even hatemongers?

And now, he’s inheriting a toilety economy and, though he’s making moves to try to drag us out of the muck, things seem to be spiraling more profoundly every day. And the man isn’t even in office yet! Will the media turn on the man they’d pegged as our saviour? Will it get vicious?

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