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Don’t confuse Soledad Barrio‘s harsh pounding steps and intense wrist-circling as signs of anger. Burning up the stage with her fiery eyes, long, brown hair, and dark-maroon dress, and clapping in sync to the rhythm of the Spanish beat, Barrio dances simply and beautifully with heartfelt passion and intense love for her art. Backed by the Noche Flamenca band—which includes vocalists (Manuel Gago and Emilio Florido) and guitarists (Jose Valle Fajardo and Salva de María)—her entire set, crafted by her husband, Martín Santangelo, has been applauded throughout the world. So what makes flamenco such an intense emotional expression? Is it feelings of betrayal? Perhaps a broken heart? Try to decipher it yourself tonight.

Dec. 28-31, 2008

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