New York

Have a Happy Flight-Delayed Christmas


Going to travel today? Better take a look at this: the Times reports widespread flight delays throughout North America. Late this morning O’Hare Airport was covered in snow and holding flights; Newark had three-hour delays, San Francisco’s were 90 minutes, and Toronto’s Pearson Airport cancelled 300 flights. Right this very second, the FAA tells us, JFK is “subject to a ground delay,” and LaGuardia is 15 minutes behind. Taking a train? NY1 says even Penn Station is backed up.

Look, at least you’re not working for American Eagle (unless you are, in which case accept our sympathies): according to Sky Talk, last week pilots and flight attendants were evicted from their LaGuardia crew room so their American Airlines bosses could turn it into an operations center. Presumably the Eagle employees will be spending their Christmas layovers curled up in the crummy terminal seats. Count your blessings!


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