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Homeless Families Pack Shelters; Bloomberg Says, Quit Yer Bitchin’


The Coalition for the Homeless released a grim report yesterday — just in time for Christmas! — informing us that there are more homeless families (9,720) sleeping in city shelters than at any other time since 1983. Also, “more than 36,000 homeless people — including nearly 16,000 children — bed down each night in New York City’s municipal shelter system.” That’s not counting the ones who sleep on grates, in doorways, cardboard boxes, etc.

WNYC got the Mayor’s response today: “Some advocates just desperately don’t want things to succeed. If you remember 7 years ago, people were sleeping on benches. They literally were being bussed all night long to find a bed for them. Today, nobody sleeps on a bench overnight.”

That’s tellin’ em! Merry Christmas, people, and remember to tell the guys sleeping in front of the Salvation Army building on 14th Street that they don’t exist.



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