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“Rock your Faces, Mix the Races” has been the indelible motto of BK’s own Earl Greyhound for a spell now. And it’s turned out to be the most prescient slogan for millennial America since the Pointer Sisters harmonized on “Yes We Can Can.” This trio not only presaged the era of Barack ‘N’ Roll, but has been tirelessly contributing sonic building blocks to this land that the President-Elect has begun to revolutionize. If Brotha Bam-Bam don’t summon Matt, Ricc, and Kamara to Pennsylvania Avenue as cultural attachés or sump-sump—well, then have mercy! Before they possibly paint the White House black in the New Year, bring your asses down to Chinatown. They will sho’nuff burn this disco down with hope and heavy metal of the most rarefied sort. Part of M.E.A.N.Y. Fest with Witches in Bikinis, Saturday Astrology, and Black Taxi.

Tue., Dec. 30, 7 p.m., 2008

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