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New Yorkers Grow Displeased With Their Leadership


Looks like some New Yorkers are starting to stand up on their hind legs and give their political masters what-for. “Resistance Grows Among Democrats” to the possible Kennedy Senate appointment, says the New York Times. We’ve been resisting it pretty good here at Runnin’ Scared all along, but it’s nice to see the MMSM (More Main Stream Media) catching on.

The Times says Governor Paterson’s “frustrated and chagrined” that, after he sweetly “extended Ms. Kennedy the chance to demonstrate her qualifications,” Kennedy’s people “have exploited the opportunity to convey a sense that she is all but appointed already.” Sounds like somebody’s exploiting something — that is, Paterson’s using the paper’s thirst for sorta-news during a holiday to float a demurrer so folks won’t think he’s a total patsy.

You can understand his concern: a Quinnipiac poll shows that citizens aren’t liking Paterson’s proposed soda tax — or indeed any of his new taxes, though they do agree there’s a budget crisis. The cost-cutting measures they like best include “reducing economic development aid” — which we doubt would make up the billion-plus dollars we need — and taxing millionaires. We can already hear Mayor Bloomberg languorously explaining why that’s a bad idea while setting fire to the poll with a jewel-encrusted Zippo.

Too bad it’s Christmas and everyone’s too busy shoplifting to pay attention to this stuff. But when we all get back to work, the cold weather may make the idea of torchlight parades appealing.


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