Yanks Get Teixeira, Piss Off Rest of League


The Yankees got Mark Teixeira from the Angels, and all it took was an eight-year $180 million contract with a no-trade clause, beating the Red Sox, who really wanted the heavy-hitting infielder. As Ward Harkavy points out in Press Clips, with this and the Sabathia and A.J. Burnett deals, the Yanks have dumped $423.5 million on new players this month, and local taxpayers “helped make it all possible with hundreds of millions of dollars in public subsidies and free land.” But hey, at least we’re pissing off fans of other AL teams. (“The Yankees freaking signed Teixeira?” tweets New Englander eyeamelise. “Gahhhh!” “Damn Yankees” says the Baltimore Sun.) Sox pitcher Curt Schilling takes the long view, reasoning that Teixeira’s “power numbers would go down a bit in Fenway. Tex is 28, you are paying him through his Age 36 season… Personally I am glad Youk is staying at first and Mike is at third.” Yanks fans, meanwhile, will beat their chests, yell something about 26 rings, and pound brewskis.


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