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Your Christmas Voice Is Here


It’s a Xmas miracle! While most New Yorkers are trying to sneak out of work early, we’ve been churning out another edition of the Voice. And what an edition — perfect for under the tree, whether as a present or as wrapping paper.

Better still, it’s one of those Year in Review issues our accountants tell us everybody likes. Y’all seem to enjoy Michael Musto dressed as famous women, so here we have him as Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, et alia. His prose is even more stunningly turned-out as he summarizes 2008’s cringeworthy events. Also in elegiac mode is Lynn Yaeger, who scans 2008 fashion from “Preachiest Politically Correct Tote” to “Most Unexpected Developments in Fashion TV.”

Plus Rob Harvilla on Neil Young at the Garden, J. Hoberman on movies, Michael Feingold, Dan Savage, and all the other elves who cobbled like hell to bring you something worth reading on the ride to Grandmother’s house or convalescent home. No charge; consider it a gift.

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