Caroline’s Senate Cred: Wife, Mother, Fundraiser


The smart thing for Caroline Kennedy to do would be to give a big speech on a big theme, which is what we thought her gay marriage stand was leading to. But for the time being Kennedy is just working the media a little bit harder, giving an interview to the Associated Press, to whom she explains that she hasn’t been avoiding the limelight because she’s distant but because she is “trying to respect” the appointment process, which she says is “not a campaign.” She also ate in the reporter’s presence a proletarian grilled cheese and bacon sandwich, acknowledged that she is an “unconventional choice” for the Senate, and (AP’s words here) said “her accomplishments as a writer, mother and fundraiser for New York City public schools prepared her well for the post.”

We wonder how this will play with liberals like the American Prospect‘s Tim Fernholz, who said earlier today that “though I didn’t think Caroline Kennedy should be appointed to the New York senate seat before, her ‘campaign’ should disqualify her even further.”