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Eartha Kitt 1927-2008


Chanteuse Eartha Kitt died of colon cancer on Christmas Day. “I do not have an act,” she once said. “I just do Eartha Kitt.” She was born dirt poor but elevated herself into a figure of great sophistication. Her insinuating style was both sexy and playful, as you can see here, and she made it work throughout a long career — she played Catwoman on the “Batman” TV show in the 60s, had a disco hit with “Where Is My Man?” in the 80s, received a Tony nomination for her performance in The Wild Party in 2000, and was preparing to play cabaret shows at the time of her fatal illness. Wil Haygood today offers a delightful reminiscence of a luncheon with Kitt: “It remains, to this day, the most expensive lunch I have ever paid for… it was worth every penny.”


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