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Kennedy Accused of Under-Tipping Dems, Promoting Neil Diamond


Not only is Caroline Kennedy disinclined to vote in New York elections — she also has not contributed to any New York Democratic candidates in recent years, except for city council speaker Christine Quinn, to whom she has given a paltry $1,000, says the Daily News. (Her husband did, however, contribute to Richard L. Brodsky’s aborted 2006 Attorney General campaign.)

In related CK “backlash,” the Times‘ Clyde Haberman complains, seemingly on his way to the airport for Christmas holiday, that Kennedy’s elevation to the Senate will somehow revive the Neil Diamond song “Sweet Caroline.”

(Update: Commenter sudanym points to some CK contributions unseen in the New York State records, including $4,000 to Hillary Clinton’s 2006 Senate campaign, and $3,000 to multi-candidate women’s resource Emily’s List since 2001.)



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