Indescribable YouTube Treasure!


Sometimes you troll around YouTube (well, I do) and come up with something so unspeakably fabulous/appalling that you can’t even assess it in words. But I’m supposed to be a writer or something, so let me strap on my feathery thinking chapeau and give it a try. This clip is a cover of “My Way” done by one Dorothy Squires, a woman–I swear–who looks like a cross between Betty Buckley, Phyllis Diller, Big Bird, and a figurine that fell off a gay wedding cake. She uses more dramatic arm gestures than Liza Minnelli and makes more overwraught facial expressions than a massage therapist in Chinatown. Her outfit would be considered overdone even at the Night of 100 Gowns drag ball and her voice is deeper than the ditch I dig with every nasty column. And she’s totally faboo!

I looked the nut up and it turns out she was a Welsh performer who was married to Roger Moore at one point (he dumped her for a younger broad) and who obviously believed that more is more! Enjoy–and make sure you watch it till the end to watch her intimately clutch at a well-earned bouquet as if it were life’s blood.

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