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Is Carnival Cruising For a Gay Bruising?


Carnival Cruise’s Senior Cruise Director John Heald sounds like a fun guy. He even writes openly on his blog about how, though he has lots of gay friends blah blah blah, he was wildly “annoyed” to find out that a gay couple had gotten to adopt while he and his wife conspicuously didn’t. I guess this happened because, unlike Heald, the gay guys aren’t overweight, don’t smoke, and don’t work abroad!

Heald goes on to lament about what a “strange” world it’s becoming for older folks–you know, one where gays are geting equal rights and kids get lots of sex education. At least Heald is big enough to admit that he had very little of that as a child. And besides, he’s happy for those gay parents blah blah blah–but still, I think I’ll take my business over to Rosie O’Donnell‘s cruise line for now, OK, John? I might even take the kids.

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