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Albany! LL Cool J Endorses Smith, Diaz Fights “Homosexual Marriage”


Say, aren’t our elected representatives supposed to go to Albany and get sworn in on January 1? And isn’t the fate of the elected Democratic majority — the state’s first since the Ice Age — still unsettled? Would-be Majority Leader Malcolm Smith’s biggest achievement recently was to pick up the endorsement of LL Cool J, whose Hollis, Queens district Smith represents, though the former star of “In The House” offered Smith rather tough love. “Malcolm should really search within himself and decide what he feels is in the best interest of the state,” J told Hip Hop News. “Sometimes altering your position is the right thing. Sometimes it’s not.”

Meanwhile Gang of Whatever members Carl Kruger and Pedro Espada have been quiet during this festive holiday season, while Ruben Diaz has been flyering his constituents. Under the giant headline “NO to budget cuts and to homosexual marriage,” Diaz defends himself from the pressure of several Democratic groups, including unions and gay political organizations. “They’re going to learn that I don’t bend under pressure,” he told the Albany Times-Union.

The Governor, still looking for budget cuts from whomever runs the Legislature, is also looking for money from the incoming Obama Administration via a stimulus bill of the sort a Democratic White House might be expected to seek.

And people are still calling for erstwhile gangster Hiram Monserrate to be blocked from entering the state senate as he faces charges of assaulting his girlfriend. Happy New Year!

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