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Bristol Palin Has Her Baby; Wedding Suggested


Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol had a 7 lb., 7 oz., baby boy on Sunday, whom she and her boyfriend have named Tripp. To celebrate, some rightbloggers are pushing the happy couple to get married pronto. “What’s up with this ‘baby first, marriage later’ thing?” asks Robert Stacy McCain. “What’s wrong with a private hurry-up wedding before the baby comes, so that a few years from now young Tripp isn’t staring at his birth certificate wondering why his parents are listed with different surnames?” Why, in his day, etc. “If I were advising the couple,” advises National Review‘s Lisa Schiffren, “I’d tell them to have a nice little wedding as soon as possible. (‘Soon’ being the operative word here.)” But she was pleased that the couple would receive a large paycheck for photos of the newborn, or as Schiffren more delicately put it, “blood money for your personal humiliation.”

Others observed the blessed event in more traditional ways. “I wonder if Obama’s mother thought of her son as a punishment,” said Freedom Eden. “Does Obama think of himself as a mistake?”

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