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Calzones on Mulberry, post-Bay of Pigs


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September 21, 1961, Vol. VI, No. 48

Naples Street Scene By Mulberry’s Light

By J. R. Goddard

The Lower East Side’s Feast of San Gennaro opened on Mulberry Street last week-end under the glare of dozens of elaborately lighted arches. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers, lured by the drifting fragrance of deep-frying calzone or the whirling of roulette wheels, jammed the street each evening to enjoy the city’s most famous street festival…

The Voice decided to follow a young married couple around for a while to test the limits of human food consumption. Evidently the pair had not eaten for several days. Stopping at a zeppole stand, they consumed a whole bag of those hot, sugary dumplings in 40 seconds flat. From there they more leisurely polished off a calzone, downed a dozen iced clams with cold beer, whipped through a plate of sausage and peppers, passed up a pizza stand, but stopped again for giant custard creams. When last seen, the two stood like bulbous logs drinking more beer by the bandstand and picking listlessly at another calzone…

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