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Gelinas: Don’t Take That Federal Money, NY, It’s a Trap (Updated)


Every New York governmental agency has its hand out for government largesse from tax-and-spend liberal Obama. At the New York Post, the Manhattan Institute’s Nicole Gelinas says they shouldn’t. It’s “a bad idea for wealthy cities like New York to depend on federal policies for rational infrastructure planning, even in a tough downturn.” In fact, “the mass scale of the promised federal stimulus could push up the costs of labor, materials and commodities,” in part by preventing the city from paying workers less, which Gelinas would prefer. Also, “aggressive federal stimulus is likely to make municipal borrowing even harder.” Federal money will ruin us! So, after slapping away this poisoned gift, what should we do instead? Gelinas favors cutting “health benefits for public-sector workers” and Medicaid, and ceasing our “mindlessly ever-higher education spending.” Better children and sick people take a hit than we take one penny from the Feds. If only the rest of us had the courage of rightwing think-tank authors when it comes to refusing government money; this place could go back to the paradise it was during the time of the Draft Riots.

Update: In comments Gelinas corrects us about the health costs: she doesn’t want them cut, just wishes their previous increases had been held to the rate of inflation. “Nor,” she adds, “did I actually say anywhere that we shouldn’t take the federal money.” But why would we take it, after she so convincingly detailed the horrors it would unleash?



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