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Palin Named Most Desirable Celebrity Neighbor


We can never get enough Sarah Palin, so we’re pleased to announce that in a poll conducted by real estate company Zillow, the governor of Alaska has been named America’s Most Desirable Celebrity Neighbor. She took 14 percent of the vote, with Oprah Winfrey a point behind. Oprah outpolled Palin among women taking the poll, while men were the electoral base of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, who placed third (though we’re not sure what Phelps’ neighborly appeal would be; maybe they think he’d have a big pool?). Britney Spears beat Rosie O’Donnell in a photo finish for Worst Celebrity Neighbor, with votes scattered for Joe the Plumber, Lindsay Lohan, Adam “Pacman” Jones of the Dallas Cowboys (!), Eliot Spitzer, Spencer and Heidi of “The Hills,” and Paula Abdul. We dispute the nomination process — didn’t anyone mention Peter Kraus?


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