10 Minutes of “The City” Temporarily Available to Bums Like Us


The Video Is Not Longer Available Box above once housed a 10-minute clip from “The City,” the new series about “life” in “the city” which has captivated local scribes. We spent our cable money on ringworm medicine for our cats, so this is as much of a window as we can afford on the new urban realities. To our surprise, it appears “downtown girls” now drink champagne, wear peculiar headgear, and date male models, while “uptown girls” drink white wine, wear earrings, and have dinner parties with male models. The fashion industry is staffed entirely by 20-year-old girls, overseen by older women who compel their obedience with a deep, affectless voice and menacingly sharp cheekbones. The dialogue is, we hope, made purposefully flat to maintain the audience’s sense of superiority to the characters, who are sometimes distracted by dangling bits of string and their longeurs covered up by blasts of popular music and unused “Sex and the City” establishing shots. Someday a real rain will come etc.