amNY Finds Upsides to New Year, Which We Partially Endorse


You might expect us, as board-certified curmudgeons, to note the end of 2008 with bleak visions of a hellish new year. But our colleague Ward Harkavy has already posted the mother of all New Year’s bummers (“Drop a ball on Times Square! Drop a bomb on Gaza!”), so we turn instead to such glimmers of hope as are provided by amNY, which says “New Yorkers have some things to look forward to.” For one thing, they agree with us that the “dismal news on the housing front” means rents are going to drop, and perhaps afford us the crackhouse of our dreams. They also say “football keeps getting better,” by which we will politely assume they mean that it will soon be over, and pitchers and catchers report to Port St. Lucie in 44 days.

On other matters, we will split the difference. amNY also celebrates our new baseball parks, while we celebrate the persistence of Dennis Kucinich, whom we expect to continue investigating the shady terms of the stadium deals. It holds out hope for the “New York spirit,” emblematized by unemployed freelance journalist Robbie Wallenstein, who “said his luck has no where to go but up come 2009. ‘I don’t have money so how can I lose it?'” For his condition, which we expect shortly to share, this is perfectly acceptable, though we boldly aspire to the status predicted for the weather on January 1: sunny and cold.

We agree with amNY that it’s a good thing Obama will be President; whatever shitstorm awaits, at least our frontman will not drop dead three weeks into his term and leave us in the tender care of a rightwing lunatic who would lead us into holy war with her unfriendly neighbor, Russia. See, we do know how to enjoy ourselves. Happy New Year!