The crew of Twig the Wonderkid, Michael T., Harley Sears, and Keanan Duffty pay homage to that chameleonic Capricorn David Bowie for the fifth year running. Glamdammit’s event, the fifth annual Bowie Birthday Bash, will feature live performances, projections, go-go erotica, glam makeovers courtesy of Amanda Leigh, and Ziggy Starlet’s tribute to the British Afronaut’s most enduring rockist alter ego, Ziggy Stardust. Glam’s heyday between the more celebrated poles of hippie and punk may seem so remote now, but in such sober times as these, fanning a little spark of the glitter aesthetic ought to be a welcome corrective to this City’s increasingly drab palette. A celebration of longtime resident alien Bowie’s hermetic ch-ch-changes and the controlled excess of his sound is a fine way to kick off this year when the complexity of America’s countercultures will finally find a home in the White House. Hosted by Georgie Seville (Motherf*cker) and Justin Tranter (Semi-Precious Weapons).

Sat., Jan. 3, 10 p.m., 2009