Happy Nude Year!


At the University of Salford, hard by Manchester, England, the charitable organization Receive and Give has teamed with Salford Students Stripped to produce a nude calendar to aid, ironically, the Henshaws Society for Blind People (though a version for the visually impaired may be in the works). Various Salford student societies of both genders posed; this is the women’s netball team, though we understand the Salford Chess Society is the gem of the collection.

In other nudes, a Wisconsin state appeals court has ruled that it is criminal to videotape a nude person without his or her awareness even when said person is voluntarily unclothed. This ruling stems from an appeal of a case brought by a local sleazebag’s girlfriend, who “became suspicious when she saw a flash of a red light from beneath a pile of clothes in her bedroom.” Well, there’s still the British tabloids (NSFW).