Ponzi schemer Norman Hsu claims stories about Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff are ‘prejudicial’


Hot Air’s Ventilators sing “Runaround Hsu.”

If you hunger for a good snicker and you’re somewhat of a news junkie, what’s better than a concise roundup of the best Bernie Madoff news stories — the good parts, the adjectives, the apoplexy?

Look no further than a December 22 court document in the case of another Ponzi schemer and Democratic Party fundraiser, Norman Hsu.

The Clinton pal is facing trial in Manhattan Federal Court, but his lawyer is pleading for at least a 60-day delay to let the publicity about Madoff subside. Too prejudicial to Hsu, the lawyer argues.

Thanks to the Smoking Gun, you can glom the court doc, which rests under the headline “Obama and That Other Ponzi Scheme: President-elect’s name may emerge in Norman Hsu fraud trial.”

Hsu’s lawyer has a point. As the court papers indicate, the Madoff scandal even prompted the New York Times to proclaim that the country has been “engrossed in an orgy of scandal.”

Not sure whether the Times would even know an orgy if it saw one, but yes, we have been getting fucked. No, we haven’t been enjoying it.

Reading about it is a lot safer than letting someone like Madoff or Hsu touch you in a “bad” place — like your wallet.