Que Bajo?!


Since the master DJs of Nacotheque have brilliantly infused alternative electro-grooves into traditional Latin melodies, making it fun to dance to Latin music again, other New York DJs are appropriately following suit—and at a good spot, too. DJs Geko Jones and Uproot Andy are spearheading Que Bajo?!, Williamsburg’s newest Latin dance party at Rose Live (look out, Bembe!). Heightening the typically bland old-school tropical beat with a bass-heavy sound, Que Bajo?! (the translation varies from “How low can you go?” to “What’s up?” or, as we prefer, “What bass?”) will introduce you to tribal guarachero, kuduru, African dancehall, kwaito, mambo violento, and, our favorite, digital cumbia. And just when you were finally getting the hang of salsa.

Tuesdays, 9 p.m., 2008

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