We Love You Guys (Belch, Vomit)


Image via the New York Public Library

Later tonight, when we are maudlin-drunk, we will want to thank our readers for their patronage and feedback, so let us do that now while we can still make ourselves understood. Also, let us share with you our resolutions specific to this relationship: We will post more celebrity nudes (unless they stop us, in which case we will take any nudes we can get). We will seek more stories from outside the soundstages of hipsterdom (LES, EV, W’m’s’b’g, et alia). We will use more of our own photos, whether we have a story for them or not. And, though we appreciate as much as any other desk jockey the value of a good time-waster, we will try to do more with your time than waste it. See you next year.


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