Crash of ’08 Memorabilia Now Bolstering Economy


The recently fashionable practice of hawking disgraced ponzi-meister Bernie Madoff items on eBay has spread to most of the other firms which have tanked in recent months.

Why people would want items commemorating vast, endemic fraud and even worse bumbling is beyond us. But, we did a search, and, hey, for $40 bucks, you can get a Lehman Brothers stock certificate, and for $21.45, you can snatch up a “sharp-looking” Lehman wall clock, and for a mere $10, you can have a Lehman baseball cap embroidered with the now-laughable slogan, “We Believe.”

And for $200, you can have a Lehman cigar humidor. Wow!

Wait, there’s more. Not only can you buy Lehman crap, you can also bid on stuff from Bear Stearns (an old ledger for $99.95), Merrill Lynch (cuff links–$49.95) and even, yes, even, AIG (a light-up pen with a happy face (!) for $1.49). Awesome! The trickle down plan is working!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 5, 2009

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