Dennis Cooper on Julian Cope


Author Dennis Cooper cobbles together a pretty extensive Julian Cope Day at his blog: YouTube videos, direct quotes, chronology, and ephemera that add up to a portrait of the onetime Teardrop Explodes frontman and latter day author/occultist/etc. If nothing else it’s an excuse to revisit the psychedelic, swervy proto-Morrissey post-punk that Teardrop Explodes more or less invented. In retrospect it’s remarkable how listenable this stuff still is. My favorite part so far is this Cope quote:

    I’m not as successful as U2 because U2 do it the corporate way, they do what the corporation wishes, they spend a lot of time on the album then they spend a lot of time promoting it, they wear everybody down until everybody knows that U2 is back. Whereas I’m just an artist, I can just slam it out. Mine’s a holistic trip. That’s the difference. You could put me in a coracle and send me off to some rock somewhere to make art, but do that to any member of U2 and they wouldn’t make art, you know, they’d find a way back to the mainland.

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