Giuliani: NY Senator Should Excel at “Obscure Distribution Formula”


Former mayor Giuliani is on CNN today, telling us what it takes to be a U.S. Senator from New York. The number one requirement: “deep knowledge of an obscure distribution formula.” That’s how Pat Moynihan proved that New York gets screwed on taxes and Federal grants, and thanks to his keen eye New York still gets screwed, but we get to complain about it from the authority of hard facts. Senators, Giuliani says, should “also bring a point of view — a set of principles and beliefs that allows a consistent message to be articulated.” It sounds like a job we would enjoy, but for the math requirement. Giuliani has recently expressed an interest in running for President or Governor, so maybe he feels the same way. (Update: Word must have gotten around. A new poll shows a steep decline in favorable ratings for would-be Senator Caroline Kennedy, who is sufficiently math-averse that her friends at the Board of Education spared her the tedium of filling out financial disclosure forms.)


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 5, 2009


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