Is Scientology Really Worse Than Other Religions?


A lot of antagonism has been built up against the Kabbalah and even more so over Scientology, throngs of people feeling these are “made up” religions without a lot of credibility or substance. But can anyone who practices a more established religion really perch on a high horse and offer such spewings of scorn? After all, I was raised Roman Catholic and taught with a straight face about the Garden of Eden, the immaculate conception, the parting of the Red Sea, and all manner of walking on water and turning stones into bread. Can I honestly believe all that, yet sit back and say “Scientology is totally fictional bullshit”?

Maybe it’s the fact that Scientology gets people to fork over big sums of money to grease its coffers and stay in business. Well, at Catholic church every week, they hand around a collection basket, they have poor boxes, they charge for candle lighting–AND they constantly send mailings begging for regular donations. What’s the difference?

Is it that Scientology supposedly treats homosexuality like a crime (they deny it) and match big stars up with opposite-sex spouses en route to them becoming bigger stars? Well, Catholicism thinks gay people are sinners who should be loved, but only before booting them straight to hell in a pink, frilly handcart!

Of course, I’ve rejected the bad parts of Catholicism as well, so I’m totally able to criticize other religions without hypocrisy. But let me play the devil’s advocate, as it were, and ask YOU: Why is Scientology worse than other religions?

Update: In comes word of Jett Travolta‘s tragic death. An initial report said he’d been denied seizure medication because it’s against Scientology’s beliefs, but Travolta’s team countered back that he HAD been on medication, but they pulled him off it when it stopped working. Is this yet another example of Scientologists being persecuted by the phobic press? Discuss.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 5, 2009

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